Whenever I need peace of mind, I go to any of the following stores to shop or to just ambulate through the aisles: True Value, Ace Hardware, Handy Man, Dimensione, Our Home, and the like. So can you imagine my glee when I first went to IKEA?! I'd like to think that having been in IKEA for the first time is a milestone for every person who loves fixing and decorating their humble abode. My love for IKEA stems from my ultimate desire to be in Sweden some time in the not-so-near future.

photos by Dimple

Prior to shopping, Dimple, Tita Len, Kuya Alven and I had dinner inside IKEA. I got to taste their famous Swedish meatballs. Again, just like any other restaurants in UAE, their serving was too much for me. Sa Pilipinas, tipid na tipid ang serving ng mga pagkain. Sobrang tubong-lugaw. Anyway, I still got to finish my chicken shawarma meal (thanks Tita Len for the yummy dinner). Tamang tama, the walking required to go around the whole IKEA store somehow compensated for the uber-bulging tummy I had that night.

I didn't purchase anything big. But I did buy a scarf hanger, a laptop support and a Swedish milk chocolate. :) I'm looking forward to more IKEA adventures in the future!

IKEA - Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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