Tummy Porn... Betawi Café and Chatime

Harold and I met up for a late afternoon stroll around Al Karama. It was actually a good idea to let the sun down for a little bit because it was starting to heat up in UAE. Summer is on its way. Our milk tea craving was actually a good weapon of choice to beat the heat.

We ended our stroll with an early dinner at Betawi Café, a famous Indonesian restaurant within the area. We each had a plate of Nasi Padang which I enjoyably devoured and painstakingly finished after one hour. The entire food was really good but the serving was too much for me.

My appetite isn't what it used to be. Back when we were in college, double-rice and extra cups of rice are normal for me. Double-rice for me wasn't just during after P.E. or after a long tiring day. It was a day-to-day occurrence. Nowadays, appetite is gone most of the time, I'd even forget I skipped lunch and/or dinner and wouldn't notice it at all.

Anyway, good stroll, good food. For only 36 dirhams (26 dhs for the nasi padang and 10 dhs for Chatime milk tea, my stomach was about to explode. :)

Betawi Café4B Street, Near Ministry of Health, Al Karama, Dubai
ChatimeOpposite Burjuman Center, Near Ravi Restaurant, Al Karama, Dubai

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