First weekend in Dubai

After 3 years, I'm back in Dxb but this time, longer. Two months! Two months of living with my sister and her family, two months of bumming around (I'm on leave btw) and two months of "New York-like" life in the heart of Western Asia.

I took a direct flight from MNL to DXB via Emirates Airlines. When I landed at Terminal 3 after 8.5 hours of flight, it took only 20 minutes for me to exit the plane, pass through immigration and collect my luggage. Twenty freaking minutes?! It's like human years (time spent inside Dubai airport) vs. dog years (time spent in any Philippine airport). Hehe, love you Pilipinas! :)

For my first few days, I just stayed inside the apartment playing with my niece and sometimes, fighting with her. Yes, we always collide. We've been like that since forever! But she's the sweetest. Sometimes, I wake up with a note beside me saying "Ninang Rian, I will go to school now. See you later." Here's an origami of a boat she left for me one morning, with a Barbie eraser and Mentos in it. She spelled my name with an -e.

Weekends in UAE start Friday, or sometimes for most people, weekends are just Fridays. Luckily, for my sister and brother-in-law (BIL), they have two days off. For my first weekend in Dxb, they brought me to a place where Miel's favorite tempura are: Yo Sushi! And as usual, I devoured plates and plates of salmon sashimi, ebi tempura and some maki rolls.

Our heavy lunch was followed by a short stroll within the mall. I enjoyed watching these guys put frosting on top of their cupcakes, chocolate and red velvet. *drooling*

We didn't buy the cupcakes for dessert. Instead, we went to the famous Cheesecake Factory for a taste of the best cheesecakes in town. We had ultimate red velvet cheesecake and mango key lime cheesecake. *drooling some more*

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Last stop was Wafi where Miel's music school is. She's learning how to play the piano. I'm fascinated by the unique facade of this mall.

More Dubai escapades soon!

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