Jian Paolo's Christening and Kas' birthday

I know I've said before that I have a quota when it comes to godchildren--that I can only have three. I'm quite serious when it comes to ninang roles and I'm bound to keep it that way. I am not the type who just gives gifts during Christmas (as a matter of fact, I don't religiously give material things to my inaanaks). More than the material things a godparent could give to their godchildren, I want to have an impact on their lives. And I know that for whatever reason that the parents couldn't do their part anymore, I am the one to take care of my inaanaks. Seriously, that's how I see it. In the event that their parents won't be there anymore *knock on wood*, I will take on their role as guardian.

So everything I've written above is still true, except for the quota part. Haha. I have more than three now but it's no big deal. I'm happy about it. Besides, the person who taught me that it's important to peg a quota on how many inaanaks one should have is now insignificant, his opinions don't matter anymore. Hehehe.

Three weeks ago, I received a call from Col. Neri Ilagan, my friend Kastine's father. He told me to mark my calendar, March 17, for Paolo's christening and Kastine's birthday celebration. He also mentioned I'm one of the ninangs. Fast forward to March 17 and here are our pictures (raw images from Olympus EPL1 > Art > Pin hole)...

Inside the church

At the reception

With Kastine's highschool bestfriends Jam and Jeffery, and her cousin Dra. Kit

Due to hectic hell week schedule, the birthday girl was not around to celebrate with us. Happy birthday Kas!

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