PT Snippet... ISPO Journals

Yey! Finally, my ISPO journals came in the mail today. I posted sometime last year that I am a member of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics but I wasn't expecting to receive their publications since I am quite far from Belgium, right?! But I received these babies (three issues) through mail.

I filed my membership April of last year when I attended an ISPO conference held here in Manila. My interest in orthoses (braces, splints) and prostheses (artificial limbs) started when I was taking my Orthotics and Prosthetics subject in undergrad. And it continued when I was hired in UST to teach that same subject. Yes, that's my first ever teaching load from my college, as a part-time faculty. Five years later, I'm still teaching the same subject. :)

Here's a not-so-crazy fact about me: I dread making researches but I like reading them. But I like reading them (not limited to ortho-pros topics) for fun, just to discover what is up. I do NOT like reading them just because it is required. I read them because I am interested.


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