It's okay to desire for material things, but...

...please avoid getting too attached!

Back in the day, I used to name my earthly possessions. My TV is Sammy (from Samsung). My external hard drives are Maxi (Maxtor), Wes Big (Western Digital 1TB- because of the larger capacity) and Mini (Western Digital 500gb-because of the smaller capacity). My late laptop was named Black Mamba because of its perfect black finish. My acoustic guitar is Helena (from the song Helena by that punk rock band whom I've forgotten already!). My Kindle is Candy. I could go on and on enumerating all my named stuff but that would just bore you and it might sound like I'm e-bragging.

Throughout the years, I noticed that whenever I name my items, I get this inexplicable attachment to them that I know I shouldn't have. I tried to lessen my attachment with material things. They are, after all, earthly matters only. Something temporary. Eventually, I will have to give them up. Step 1 was to stop naming them all. Now, I just refer to my ultrabook as 'my ultrabook'. Same thing with my kindle, my camera, etc.

What is the usual response of people whenever they drop their smartphones or tablets or laptops? They shout, they scream, they sigh, they even curse! This is something I try not to do whenever I drop my things. I remember one time when I was in graduate school. One of my classmates was doing an oral report in front and as I was listening intently, i didn't notice that my laptop was slipping away from my table. It fell to the floor and created a very loud noise. Of course it caught everyone's attention and they were like "awww!". Some of them were really worried that it might be broken already. The reporter stopped for a little while, probably concerned with the state of my laptop. I picked it up and was calm all throughout. I can't see the reason why I should panic or curse gravity for pulling my heavy laptop down. In my head, "if it's broken, then I'll have it fixed. Simple! No need to panic, right?".

Another time, my laptop accidentally fell from the top of our bunk bed. It was no biggie for me. It was still working. Again, no worries on my part.

Two years ago, some NAIA crew opened my check-in bag when I landed in Terminal 3 after coming back from HK. Unfortunately, they were able to break in to my lock code. He/They stole my Samsung phone. It was partly my fault, I got too complacent to leave my extra phone inside my check-in bag. But isn't it kind of rude to break in someone's bag? My bag was freaking locked! The moment I saw that my phone wasn't there, I immediately managed to calm myself and just let it go. Of course, I filed a complaint (for pilferage) to the manager but I left the terminal immediately and didn't have even the slightest desire to take my phone back. As what my Kuya Sid has always told me about people who steal from you: "Abuloy mo na sa kanila yun."

Just last March, my apartment got robbed. The moment I saw my door unlocked and partially opened, I immediately thought "Did I get robbed?". As I enter my apartment, lo and behold, my laptop and DSLR were not in their usual places. I sighed and then accepted the fact that they're gone, right there and then. I told my landlady that someone got in the apartment. I wasn't planning on reporting it to the Brgy and the police because malaking abala lang yun. But they were adamant about it. So I did a little reporting.

I never mentioned the incident to any of my social networking accounts. It will just harbor sympathy and I don't want that. I lost a laptop and a camera, that's it! I will never see the logic in announcing it in cyberspace. Doing so will never bring back what I've already lost. Which brings me back to my first point: if you lose something, it's okay. It's just an inanimate object. There's no love involved (unless one-sided galing sayo, hehe). So buy all the things you want, but please, try not to get attached!



Lance Dionela said...

there is nothing wrong with naming your stuff, it makes you feel proud of having it, i named some of the unique stuff that i own as "the Turkish girlfriend" and "the mistress". losing your stuff sucks but hey don't stop naming your stuff it's your stuff and it has its has you written all over it, the dents the scratches and even the sound it makes that's all you

Rian G. said...

I like what you just said. But I can't bring the old habit back. Talagang nawala na rin lang sya ng tuluyan. :)