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I declared (to myself) this simple resolution I had during the start of the year: one movie a day. I love watching movies (except chick flicks/rom coms, please spare me from all the cheeziness!!! #allergic) but I usually don't get a 1.5-2 hours spare time when I get home. You see, teachers work in school and at home as well, with all the prepping of lecture and studying to do. Most of my free time can only fit a 20-minute sitcom or two.

Over the past years, my mind was so into TV seriessssesss so much so that I lost the ability to tolerate movies. I believe, my brain got "engrammed" into watching TV 30 minutes or less. Believe me, I tried watching The Godfather trilogy and I turned it off the moment the timer hit a little bit past the 30 minute mark. And again, believe me, I did my best already!

Lately, the only time I get to finish a movie is when I'm in cinemas because, of course, I paid for it. And that happens once every quarter. I rarely go to movie houses. I'd rather see a movie inside the comforts of my own home, sofa bed on lounge mode, air-con's maxed, and potato chips within arm's-length reach.

Sometimes, I do finish a movie... when I use it as background noise when I'm studying or working. Hehe. I really don't watch, I just listen. (So, is that cheating if I checked-in on GetGlue movies even if I was just listening to it? Hihi.)

Now, here's my real problem and here's where I'll be needing your help. I have just finished 31 movies for the month of January. But I'm running out of ideas already. I know there are a lot of websites out there listing top 100 movies of the year, blah blah blah, yadi yadi ya, yakiti yakiti yach. But I don't want to go through movie reviews anymore just to find out which ones are nice. So, pretty please, could you guys help me come up with a list of movies I should watch for this year? Pretty please? *puppy eyes* Any movie would be great, but please, as much as possible, avoid  suggesting rom-coms. Thank you very much!

Some of the movies I watched for January

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