On milestones and crossing items off my bucket list

I can say that 2012 treated me really well, not like 2009 or the dreaded 2011 (hashtag phooey!). Here are some of my milestones for the year 2012.

I'm now a pescatarian (or peste-si-rian)

Knowing everything about the human anatomy and its physiology will really give you a big scare when you see or feel that something is off in your body. Late last year, I had a symptom that made me worry so much. I had it checked with my family doctor and it was something about my GI. No biggie, and it immediately went ok. But I got really frightened.

On a totally different note, I also noticed that my migraine attacks had been worse and more frequent. I, again, tried to read on possible preventive solutions (as I always do since I was diagnosed at 11 y/o) to at least minimize the frequency of attacks, hoping there's a new breakthrough about it. There was nothing new. But I did come across a few forums where people with migraines talked about how avoiding red meats helped them a lot. I said to myself, why not give it a try? Besides, red meats also raise risks for certain CV diseases and/or cancer, so avoiding it will not only help me with my migraine, right?

If you try to research on the connection of migraines and red meats, there is none actually (or very little, perhaps testimonials of very few people only). But cutting meat out of my diet worked for me. I now have less intense and less frequent migraines. As what I have always read in different migraine articles, each person has a different set of triggers. It just so happened that red meat is one of mine.

When I started avoiding meat, it brought me closer to my love for seafoods. I don't think I could ever describe how much I love seafoods. Love, love, love! Anyway, before I came across the concept of pescatarianism, I thought of going vegetarian! Hahaha! Nakakatawa 'di ba? In my head I was like, "si Rian, vegetarian?! E di nga kumakain ng gulay yun, let alone maging vegetarian pa?". So that's it. I made a decision to opt for healthier options each and every day until it finally became a habit.

My first official run

During the first quarter of last year, I got involved into marathon and triathlon. But no, I wasn't a participant, I was one of the physical therapists of Unilab for their race events! Hehe. I wouldn't deny though that being near those triathletes made me a tad interested in trying out the sport. Sir Mike Peralta (run), Saul Sibayan (bike) and I (swim) even planned on joining a relay event this coming April (hoawmygolay, this April na pala yun, so fast!). Sana matuloy kami. :)

The Bull Runner's Dream Marathon

Eto na talaga ung first official run ko, totoo na'to:
I've been jogging since I was an intern. It's an on-off, more like a love-hate relationship for me. One month, I'm running, the next I 'm not. And I never really joined any race events but that was ok since I really don't have a running companion esp when we, my college barkada, went our separate ways after graduating. It was only last May that I got to experience the joy of running in an event for a cause. It felt nice to see the finish line as lactic acids fill up my leg muscles. Haha!

Nat Geo Run, May 2012

Job security

Tenure is defined as a status granted after a trial period to a teacher that gives protection from summary dismissal. Doesn't everyone want their own security in the job that they love? I do! Last June, I finally received my tenure after 6 semesters of full-time teaching in my alma mater. Even though it took quite a long time, I did enjoy almost every bit of moment that led to this. I said 'almost' because it has not been purely rainbows and butterflies from the get go. No matter how one loves his/her job, there will always be a bump along the way. That's what makes achievements like this sort of bittersweet! :)

To my younger colleagues in the PT department, we all know that the path leading to tenureship is quite long and bumpy. Sometimes it will tempt you to just turn around and pick a different path but you'll get there eventually. And I can't wait for all of you to get there because I can really see in you, in how you do your work and how you teach our students that you really love the academe. Always remember, Ad astra per aspera (A rough road leads to the stars).


I started studying Buddhism and it has helped me cope in almost all aspects of my life. To clarify, I am still Catholic in paper and Buddhism is the way of life I'm trying (oh so hard!) to emulate. One thing I noticed about Buddhists, they're almost always at peace. One time, I asked a Buddhist friend of mine a very silly question: "Kung Buddhist na ako, bawal na ba akong magalit sa mga students ko?". She said it doesn't work that way. Since it is always normal for human beings to feel emotions (one of which is anger), the intention is what will matter most. In her own words, she said "if nagagalit ka sa students mo because they did something wrong, they violated a rule, or their grades are failing, IT'S BECAUSE YOU WANT THEM TO GET BETTER. Your intention is to help them do what is right, follow the rules and do better for higher grades. Some teacher will do it in a very motherly way and some will express it by being strict to them. You're the latter." Besides, anger is impermanent, just like any other feelings.

The five precepts ceremony with old college friends Eilu and JP

Few moths ago, I made the vow to take the five precepts: no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no lying and no taking of intoxicants. In a book written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, he used the cases of people in prisons as examples of what happens when you violate any of the five precepts: murder (no killing); plunder, robbery, theft (no stealing); rape, sexual harassment (no sexual misconduct); obstruction of truth, forgery, falsification of documents (no lying); and taking of illegal drugs, alcohol-related crimes (no taking of intoxicants).

Making amends with my mother

In the mid of 2011, my mother and I had a big fight when we were in HK. The matter involved my sister. I will not talk about the whole thing because thinking about it still makes me teary.  But I'm glad it's all in the past now. Last year gave me a lot of opportunities to catch up with my mother whom I didn't talk to for the rest of 2011. We spent more time in the farm, texted more often, facebooked more often (haha!), talked about business plans, and many more. And I became more open to her than ever before. Bond strengthened!


When I was a kid, I have always wanted to grow old living nearby my workplace and just biking to and from it. Two years ago, I met Emily, a co-faculty who biked from West Ave. to UST (not even nearby, right?). I told myself, "wow, I also want that!". Last November, I finally started biking to and from work, and all the nearby places from my apartment, whether to eat or to buy stuff. I was so stiff during the first week, probably because I was so nervous. But with each passing day that I do it, I finally got the hang of it. Thanks Mam Emily for reminding me of my childhood dream!

One of the best things in biking is that I get to avoid my pet peeves in commuting.

My city bicycle parked outside my apartment

First Mecha Cosplay

Big thanks to Toshi for helping me out big time in my first ever cosplay stint. I am looking forward to more cosplay acts with you, and perhaps with Spencer when he gets home. :)

Stock marketing

I like it that I'm not scared anymore. Before, I used to see the Philippine stock market as a big gamble with no good coming out of it. But now, I am very hopeful for our country's economy. It really helps that I have bestfriends who are well-versed in matters like this to help me understand. So please don't be annoyed if I will try to talk you into stocks and investing, I'm just paying it forward and doing my part to help our country's economy. We've fallen quite far behind that our neighboring countries had surpassed us already in the last decade or so. It's high time we do something to fuel our economy. Besides, our confidence will definitely give a boost to the country's stock market.

Dimple, my ever supportive soul sister

Others and more to come

I am also thankful for all the material things I had acquired last year and how I was able to set up every corner of my apartment the way I wanted it to be. No one can deny that tangible things do give us happiness. But they are just minute pixels in the HD view of life! Health, family, friends, and crossing out items in my bucket list, these are the things that make me always look forward to the future. And as I cross items off my bucket list, I'm sure that I'll be adding more to it. Memories and milestones... they rock my world!



Dimple said...

Congrats Ry! 2012 was a blast for you! Here's to praying 2013 will be THE bomb!
You deserve all the happiness and more. So this 2013, more checks on that bucket list (that word by the way was suggested to be removed from the vocabulary). Haha! See you this April!

Miss you and Zen to bits! :)

Rian G. said...

Salamat for being part of my successful 2012 kahit na malayo ka!
looking forward to check off my list ung destination na pinaplano naten. *cross fingers*
talaga, i didn't know that! is it because of its etymological meaning kaya nila pinapatanggal sa vocabulary ang bucket list? noted!

see you! miss you!