MMK with Kas

I am so blessed with many uber intelligent, career-driven and emotionally-mature friends. One of them is Kastine Ilagan, or Kas. She's my closest girl friend from college. After graduating from UST-CRS with flying colors (Cum Laude), she went and stayed in France for 3 years. She came back 2 years ago to pursue a degree in medicine. If given the chance to go back in time and to improve our life plans together, I'd say I would go with her to medicine school. I don't care how hard it will be with all the sleepless nights and ginormous amount of study load. I know that with Kas, everything seems to be bearable.

3rd year college and Pringles

She's younger than me but during our 5 years in college, it felt like she's the one who took care of me like a big sister instead of the other way around. I remember every start of the semester, she'd pay for my books first because she knows that my allowance won't arrive til the 15th or 30th. She makes sure that I won't be behind in readings that's why she buys our books right after each subject orientation. That's just one of the so many nice things she did for me. 

What I will never forget is what she did for me on my 21st birthday. My province, Or. Mindoro, was in a state of calamity because of typhoon Seniang. I was too worried for my mother and my little brother who had been staying in my cousin's house because our house was partially-submerged in flood water. At that time, my father was in the US, my brother was in Taiwan and my sister in Dubai. The fact that my mother was the only adult in our household really put her in a lot of stress. She's hypertensive plus she easily gets anxiety attacks. I recall  I was just crying the whole day during my birthday because I can't even call them (no electricity and no network signal in the province for days).

It was the saddest birthday of all. I just stayed in my bedroom from morning til dusk. Besides the fact that I didn't receive my birthday money from my mother because of our city being under state of calamity (banks are closed and roads are dangerous), there was really no point in celebrating that day at all. But Kas made sure that I'll recognize it at the very least. She met up with me in UST past 6pm, attended the mass with me and treated me for dinner. Ako dapat ung magti-treat dba? Pero it was A-ok with her. What I love about her is that she doesn't make me feel less even if I have less or none at all. Thank you Kas!

at Café Breton

Whenever we'd meet, we always try to maximize our time together by chatting nonstop (literal, period lang ang pahinga!). It's quite hard to schedule an appointment with Kas because of her toxic schedule in med school which I understand. Currently, we meet at a rate of once per semester which is perfectly fine. This night, we met up for a reason. I consulted her (as a friend not as a doctor, hehe) about something that's been bugging me for months now. Her input is very important for me of course. And I'm glad she gave an honest and straightforward opinion about it. Now, all I have to do is to execute the plan (or at least try). It's going to be a bold move for me and I hope I won't back down. See you after finals, Kas!

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