In Loving Memory of

I dedicate this video to my beloved Tita Neth. I've been looking for a YouTube video of this song with lyrics because I want my cousins to read through the lyrics and imbibe the whole message. But I couldn't find one so eto na lang. I like the part where it says "I'm glad He set you free from sorrow" because despite our struggle to move on for the passing of Tita, we can't deny that she is at peace right now, resting but continuously living in a place where there is no suffering, sitting beside Him. We love you so much Tita!

Dear Tita Neth,

I will miss taking care of you when you're in Manila. I remember the time when I resigned from hospital work in 2008 and was unemployed for two months. I didn't get lonely because you were there. Even if you were the one who underwent surgery at that time, and I was supposed to help in taking care of you, it felt like you were the one who's taking care of me. When you were staying with me in my apartment in Pureza, you would always check on me at dawn to remind me to sleep. I really appreciate those small gestures Tita. Despite your healing surgical wound, you would climb up the stairs and into my room to "saway"  me to stop my "pagpupuyat". And of course, more than these little things, I love how you're always there for my mother. You are her partner in crime. She will miss you dearly. We will miss you so much.


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