Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013

I got too excited to go back to school last January 3 that I did forget to blog about my stay in Mindoro last month. I did post my photos on facebook so that my family can see them right away but I just noticed today that I still haven't done a blog entry for my Christmas and new year celebration. It's no fair that I get to immortalize the memory of my cosplay Christmas party with officemates but my family Christmas party is nowhere to be found in my blog, right? Hehe.

For our family Christmas party, we spent 3 days in the farm. On the 25th, all my cousins from the Gabor side of the family came together with my nieces and nephews. I had fun taking family photos of them...

...had fun fishing with the ladies...

...had fun being the game master for my nieces and nephews...

...and I definitely had fun dining with them.

As for our New Year celebration, the 5 of us attended the holy mass then headed home right after to prepare for media noche. We had a quiet dinner few minutes past 12. It involved no fireworks nor loud sound of any kind. We didn't even jump. Haha! I guess we're too old for those things, but we will never be too old for good food!

In my facebook media noche album, I said: I was actually amazed at how spontaneous our menu was. We prepared almost everything in just one afternoon. We didn't really plan on our menu. We thought of just ordering in from a restaurant para ndi masyado nakakapagod pero we ended up cooking everything din. We were almost late for the Holy Mass that night but we made it!

Amazing family, I do have! (Yoda speaking mode on!). This life, I love! New Year, Happy! Hehehe.


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