Are you the attacker or the one being attacked?

Whatever you do, good or bad, people will always have something negative to say. - Unknown

I really like this meme. I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to this, whether he/she is the 'attacker' or the one being attacked. It's quite sad though that this has been pathognomonic of our negative Filipino traits. I say 'our' because I am a Filipino (READ: hashtag proud), and I do this too, sometimes. And it's one of those phooey things I should work on. Recognizing the problem is my 'step one'. At least I'm aware that I have this fault because others are just so self-righteous that they feel nothing's wrong with them.

We Filipinos are absolutely great in so many ways. I just wish we didn't have to retain all the negative traits and habits of the people who colonized our country. But it's too late to ask for that, isn't it? All we can do is to affirm the goodness in each other. Yeah! Let's try that! Shall we?


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