A surprise birthday bash for our Ed Tech Director

It was so sweet how Dr. Ramos (husband of our Ed Tech Director) secretly planned and hid everything from Mam Cherylle. Their children were accomplices as well. It was like Zoren Legaspi's Mobbed-ish proposal and wedding plan for Carmina. But of course we didn't dance. Hihi. Every detail of the plan was clever. According to Mam Cherylle, she didn't have the slightest idea of what's about to happen that night despite their two lads dropping hints here and there over the past few days.

It was also funny how she had the impression that Wok had already been turned into a bar at night because as she entered the place with her husband, the lights were all out. Little did she know that we (the Ed Tech staff and her colleagues from College of Science) were already there waiting for her, ready to sing THE song. Happy birthday Mam Cherylle!


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