Street food galore

From my previous post, I was test driving my camera. Then I suddenly wanted to snack on fishballs. So I texted the ever reliable Tina (kasi laging kaharap ang telepono, hehe, peace!) and Fifi who were with Ian and Jordan at that time. Then I texted Micki who was already in her dorm quite early. I was so happy they said yes. It was good that they rode along with my topak or maybe we just had the same craving at the same time. Suddenly, we were all in Dapitan cor. Dos Castillas. We stayed there for a good 15-20 minutes, feasting on some good ol' fishballs, kikiam, squid balls and chicken balls. Oooh laa laa! Craving satisfied! Also, we couldn't believe that fishballs are still 50 cents each!

All of a sudden, I thought of Ilocos Empanada so we transferred from the Dos-Cas fishball stand to FariƱas bus terminal where we stayed for 30 minutes. After some 'stroke' kwentuhan and acting, we decided to have sweets at, no less, Mc Do Dapitan where we had Choco hot fudge, McFlurry with Oreo and the flavor of the night, McFlurry Toffee Banana. We stayed there til almost 10pm. I can say we really had a good night, or baka ako lang naman. Pero tumawa naman kami ng tumawa ng matindi so keribels lang!

'Til our next spontaneous tambay! Omituofo!

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