PT Department Christmas Party 2012

Right after the CRS Faculty-Admin-Support Staff Christmas party last Thursday, we had our departmental Christmas party at Music Match Tomas Morato courtesy of our department chair, Mam Anne. Unlimited KTV time! Weeeeee.

Here are the pretty faces of my colleagues:
Batch 2011: Fifi, Tina, Ian
Batch 2012: Cath, Lem and Tope
Again, Batch 2012 with Mam Roxanne and Sir Alvin
Batch 2008: X, Micki and Barbs (Sir D1 is from Batch xxxx, sikreto na lang, baka magalit sya sakin!)
Yehess naman, may efek efek pa!
Our Dean (Mam Che Peralta) and UST's Intellectual Property Head (Sir Mike Peralta)
Post-gift grabbing 1
Post-gift grabbing 2
Fifi was crowned videoke queen. Ian was bashed left and right for songs that portray his love life (sorry Ian, we love you!). We started singing at 8pm and finished our setlist at around 2am. Husky kung husky ang boses after that! Okay lang, sulit naman!

Happy holidays everyone!


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