My first micro four-thirds

I've been meaning to buy a micro 4/3 system camera for months now. When the month of December kicked in and everything suddenly got merry-ish and festive-ish, I got so bothered that I was not documenting the events that I was part of. I've been to two Christmas parties already and it's not even half-way through the month. I still have 3 Christmas parties to attend to at work (Ed Tech, CRS and PT department) and when I get home to my province, I'm pretty sure there'll be a lot of gatherings to go to as well. Now where the hell is my shutterbug-ness and why is my trusty camera missing in action? Oh wait, I remember, someone stole it months ago. [moving on...]

Simply put, it's the worst time of the year not to have a camera. So yesterday, I hopped on to LRT-MRT to go to Makati where Digital Arena is. Digital Arena is the physical store of Right there and then, I bought the cheapest micro 4/3 camera they have, the Olympus PEN EPL1. I've been eyeing for an Oly body since I got good recommendations from Toshi and an enthusiast from Davao, Tommy. Tommy said either Oly EP2 or Panny GF2 is good.

But I opted for the EPL1 because after an extensive research across digital photography forums, blogs and reviews, most people crowned it as the camera that produces the best-out-of-camera-JPEGs. That's like music to my ears. For me, that would mean less time post-processing and faster time uploading. Over the yeras, I've grown tired of post-processing. If you've been following my cyber presence since my Multiply days, you'd notice that I usually edit my raw photos using Photoshop. I've outgrown that phase already. For the past two  years, I've been posting my photos in their raw form everytime I blog. Less hassle, more natural.

After today's work, I decided to take it for a test shot, all in AUTO. I only took very few photos because... was dark already and because...

...I suddenly craved for fishballs. To be continued...

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