I feel so loved!

December 15 is one of my favorite days of 2012. So much happened that I couldn't contain all the happiness inside. Sobrang saya to the point na wala na akong boses. I started my day proctoring the interns' written revalida then I met up with my thesis group right after. In the afternoon, I went to Sta. Mesa for the Christmas party of HERE foundation where I was invited to talk about disaster management to kids aged 7 and up. After that, I spent some quality time with the bestfriend at our favorite mall (op chors!). When we separated ways, I was already with Kastine who texted me at 2pm asking if we could meet up. Of course I grabbed the opportunity that she's actually free that day. Mahirap mag-set ng appointment kay Kastine pero pag free sya, game na game sya wherever mo sya dalhin! We had nothing better to do inside the mall so we decided to go to Toshi's place where I fitted my costume for the faculty Christmas party this Thursday (do watch out!). We had some pizza and ultimate chocolate cake together with Toshi's younger brother, Nico, who can actually pass off as Toshi's twin (no pic).

We ended the night with a very long KTV session. And by long, I mean it-ended-at-almost-3-in-the-morning long. That long! Kastine and I left Toshi's place past 3am already. It was indeed a very good night! It is true what they say, some of the best things happen when unplanned! Thanks so much Kas and Tosh for the perfect night!

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