CRS Cosplay Christmas Parteih!

I love it every time my co-faculty members dress up for our annual Christmas party. My first Christmas party in CRS (circa 2008), the theme was "Iskul Bukol". I wore this:

In 2009, our theme was "70s" and we did a Wowowee-like Christmas party. I was one of the organizers so I sort of acted like Mariel Rodriguez.

In 2010, we didn't hold the party in UST. The organizers instead closed up a portion of Amici in Tomas Morato. We didn't get to dress up fully since it's an outside environment. Medyo nagkahiyaan. :)

Last year, our theme was "Disney". I went as Mr. Bean with my Teddy. Kenneth also went as Mr. Bean but my Teddy was bigger. Haha! Here's the whole PT department in last year's Christmas party:

To date, I have to say that my most favorite themed-party we had was this year's. Ahem. Cosplay ba naman. I'm an avid cosplay event goer. I don't dress up though, I just take pictures. Although I have had a little bit of difficulty finding time to attend cosplay events lately (plus I had no camera for almost a year). The last set of pictures I took was like more than a year ago:

So when the organizers of this year's CRS Christmas party opened the poll for the theme that we want, I was the first one to vote on Capcom/Anime/Cosplay. Heehee!!! *kilig* I thought no one would vote under the same category after me but to my surprise, it won! Mwahahaha! The problem was, we only had one week to prepare. I had no choice but to ask the aid of my bestfriend who competes in cosplay events talaga. Remember my post in June 2012 about the Evangelion Unit 00? That's him! He made it and he's the one inside it! Take a look at it:

In the process of prepping, I had fun answering some of my colleagues' questions about what Cosplay really is. I swear at some point, I wanted to enumerate the common kinds of cosplay (furries, crossplay, mecha, crossovers, dolliers) and set up a mini-lecture about it. Of course, I did not! Haha.

Our cosplay event was held last Thursday and I went as Drossel von Fl├╝gel. She's popular in Disney Japan (although German phrases are written on some parts of her suit). Drossel is an example of mecha cosplay (short for mechanical). Other examples of mecha cosplay include the Transformers, Robocop and Iron Man. :)

Toshi helped me suit up. I was acting like it was my bridal gown fitting (hence the kunwari umiiyak moment, chos!) because I was too excited to put on a mecha costume. Hahaha!

When I entered room 209, my colleagues were already dining. It was quite surreal to see everyone turn their heads toward my direction while I look at them through a pair of robot-shaped eyes.

The PT department:

My personal favorites: Amon from The Legend of Korra by Ian Aguinaldo (am sad I didn't get to take a pic with him), Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill by Anna Limpingco, Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis by Tope Cruz, Squall from Final Fantasy by Lem Lim and Mace Windu from Star Wars by Nelson Alconcel. Galing galing!

Our regent Fr. Valdez picked the top three winners. Spiderman by Sir Paul Jurado won third place. Gogo Yubari placed second. Drossel won first place. Weeee! I had to turn the LED lights of Drossel's eyes during the awarding. Hehe. Maliit nga lang ung ilaw nya. Fun, fun, fun!

This event somehow awakened my hibernating love for cosplay. I hope in the next few months I get to go back to my old habit of taking pictures of cosplayers. Who wants to go with me?


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