Around the world in 20 minutes...
The Oriental Mindoro Provincial Capitol

Here are snapshots of the facade of the provincial capitol of Oriental Mindoro, all Christmassy and very festive-looking. But it's not the only building dressed up for the holidays. All other government offices within the compound of the capitol were made-up to conform to a certain theme! Christmas all over the world in 3... 2... 1... Scroll down!

Singapore, Japan, India, Israel, Vietnam

Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador

Thailand, Malaysia, China, Philippines

North America

Las Vegas, CA and Manhattan, NY
(I like the details of Las Vegas, the roulette, the cards, dice and chips)

Rome, UK, Netherlands, Portugal

A windmill, the Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower

All pictures were taken sans flash and in auto-mode (oh yeah, auto lang ng auto pag tinatamad. :)

Happy new year everyone!!!


Faye Angelie said...

Happy new year, Ma'am Rai! Loved this entry! Very clever and pang-world class! This should be on TV :)

Rian G. said...

Hi Faye! Happy new year to you too! I agree, the government employees were really creative in doing this.

God bless!