2012 HERE Christmas Party and Outreach Activity

As a Red Cross adviser for four years now, I always thought talking to kids about disaster management could be really difficult. But yesterday, I proved myself wrong. I enjoyed the 30-minute discussion I had with the kids of Condordia Children's Services. Short but fruitful. I presented to them what to do and what not to do during incidents of earthquake, fire and/or flood. So far, I can say that's the best 30-minute stint I had in my entire teaching career. I love seeing them raise their hands every time I ask a question. They were very participative and very engaging to talk to.

I thank Sir Donald for inviting me here and I thank his batchmates for the very warm welcome. I like how funny Miguel was during the event especially during the games. To the founders of HERE*, thank you very much! May you inspire others to do what you alwayds do. Omituofo!

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