Sleep like a child

Yesterday, I shared a bed with my parents. Yes, parang bata noh?! Here's why:

They were in town yesterday to run some errands. At the end of the day, we decided to have dinner together. So I visited them at my sister's condo. The moment I entered the unit, I immediately said: "Wow, sobrang init dito ah, buti natitiis nyo 'to!". I am not at all sensitive when it comes to staying in places with no air conditioning unit but that was beyond acceptable room temperature. So I proposed that right after dinner, I'll bring them to my place so they may rest well for the night before heading home to Mindoro the next day. We had dinner (I brought bangus sisig, steak a la pobre, Buddha's feast and mango crepes all from Wok with Me). Then I helped them pack their bags so we could transfer to my place.

When we arrived at my apartment, I forgot that I don't have extra mattresses anymore. I used to have 4 extra beds ready for sleep overs and visitors until I decided to send them all to our house in Mindoro. So I told them I could set my makeshift "bed" on the floor while they rest on my huge convertible sofa --> bed. They didn't like the idea that I'd be lying on the floor so they insisted that we all rest on the bed. It's so nice that my bed can actually accommodate three very tall adults, lying comfortably and snoring like there's no tomorrow (my mother snored the loudest, haha. sorry Ma!).

The last time I shared a bed with them was when I was 5 years old, before my little brother was born. I'm already 26 years old but last night, I slept like a child.


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