Homesickness, pizza, pasta, ice cream and college friends

Today, I had lunch with old friends from college Marlo, Heidi and Toshi. Marlo stays in SG and is currently in Manila for an 11-day break. I have nothing much to say about our lakad because we pretty much spent 3/4 of our time together laughing our arse off. Haynaku, feeling ko ndi kami tumanda. Pero at some point, feeling naman namin ang tanda tanda na namin kasi puro career ang pinag-uusapan namin. Nakakatuwa na nakakatawa na nakaka-ewan. Even the infamous "amalayer" girl had a spot in our conversation. I think the loudest and longest laugh (as in umiiyak at ndi na makahinga kind-of-laugh) we had was when I mentioned that the girl apologized to the lady guard already, saying "AMASERRY!". Oo, mababaw lang kaligayahan namin. Winner dba?!

The most serious part of our talk was about homesickness. I asked Marlo if ever I move to another country, would homesickness still be applicable to me (would I still feel it) even if I have been living independently for 10 years now, and have been living solo for more than half of that. He said yes, it is still possible. He expounded: being in another country is different from living just a bus-and-boat-ride away from your family. He said that in Manila, I have an option to come home to my family anytime I want unlike being in SG or USA or anywhere in the world. I suddenly got scared. I know I have been fending off the idea of migrating because I know a part of me is too scared to think of moving out of my comfort zone. Waaah, I don't want to think about it. Period! *inhale... exhale...*

Haaay, I love these people talaga. My college life was certainly not the easiest part of my life but knowing how lucky I am to have met all my college friends truly made college so worth it! I hope I get to see all my other batchmates in the future, especially those who went to the far side of the world. Five years had passed since we all graduated. I'd be lying if I say I am not looking forward to our reunion. To soon, I know but that's how special my college friends are to me. Heidi will eventually be migrating to the US as well (godspeed Heids!). But I can't imagine my life here in Manila without Toshi. That guy's not very vocal with his life plans. Baka magulat na lang ako one day nagpapa-despedida na sya (syet, hapdi!). But I know how much he loves this country that given the right opportunity, he really wouldn't want to move out talaga. :)

Marlo will be back to SG tomorrow. See you on Feb, bro! AMALOOKIN' FORWARD! Hihi...

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