Choose Life!

I heard the most depressing news earlier today. It's about the UST student who fell from the 4th floor of the Main Bldg. It happened last Monday but I have no source of news since I stopped reading my Twitter timeline that's why I just heard of it earlier today. It's not clear whether he jumped or he accidentally fell. But after hearing the news, I got goosebumps all over my body. I have heard of some sad stories about him but I am not at liberty to divulge it here. For some weird reason, even if it was not confirmed that what happened was intentional or an accident, I suddenly remembered all the scientific facts about suicide that I've read back when Angelo Reyes committed suicide by a bullet to the heart. My interest on suicide (as a topic not as an act that I'd do) started when my friend told me the psychology behind each suicide method. There's a reason why people do what they do even if they're too scared to die.

Again, I really am not sure if what happened to the student was a suicidal act since the media still haven't confirmed on this. But the news somehow awakened my hibernating interest in suicide once again (I am reading some new clips and journals about suicide while writing this entry). After much thought about it, I suddenly remembered Urbandub's song Soul Searching and it felt like I wanted to shout out every word from that song. I suddenly wanted to let everyone know that SUICIDE SHOULD NEVER BE AN OPTION.

Urbandub - Soul Searching

say a prayer for me / i need a new life / i'm not blind cuz i see the truth and the lies. heed my words, listen to advice / you don't need to run away and take your life / no you can't live this way. /  saw you go for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles / destination nowhere, no means or how / so you go for miles and miles / soul searching, soul searching for how... /  just take a look around / at the faces that you meet / cuz everybody's got their own pains like you and me / never fall away. whatever you do choose life / the thoughts on your mind choose life / wherever you go choose life / CHOOSE LIFE. saw you go for miles and miles... destination nowhere, no means or how / so you go for miles and miles / soul searching, soul searching for how.

 People, never fall away. Choose life!

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