What is your coffee shop name?

I've read various posts on different social networking platforms about stories of how people's names get ¨murdered¨ by their baristas. In fact, I've stumbled accross this Tumblr account (yehess, stumble - Stumblr!) that posts a collection of mispelled cup names. These spelling errors were made by partners of Starbucks no less!

I have heard some of my own friends' horror stories about this inevitable mistake made by these baristas whom I think have the power to baptize you with any name they want, as long as they claim that that's what they've heard. But I don't have personal accounts that I could share with you since I am not the type of person who frequents coffee shop simply because I don't drink coffee. And if I do visit a coffee shop, I always go for their tea selections.

I'm pretty sure this doesn't always happen to everyone. Nevertheless, the slight fear or feeling of irritation one might get after seeing a murdered name had prompted me to appoint a pseudonym solely for the purpose of retrieving my tea from Starbucks. I dubbed myself MARGA. Two syllables short, simple and most importantly: it is SPELLED AS PRONOUNCED. If you'll notice, Marga (Mar-Ga) is still me. It's the concatenated form of the first syllables of my first and last name. :)

Now tell me, what's your coffee shop name?


aizzing said...

pretty clever! i will do this from now on for sure. forever murdered ang name ko sa SB e. now what name should it be?

Rian G. said...

Naiimagine ko, mapa-Sherry or mapa-Aizza, mamamali talaga nila noh. How about ICE? Sounds like your name. Siguo naman noh ndi na nila mamali un. :)