The job that I love

Today, I have proven to myself that it is really really important that you love what you do. Confucius said "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". 4 years ago, I chose to be in academe. I fell in love with it despite the numerous challenges. 2 years ago, I was appointed Educational Technology Coach. It doubled my love for academe. Just today, I was asked by the soon-to-be Dean if I will consider becoming the PT Internship Supervisor. I said I am interested. I didn't decline, I see it as another professional milestone, new room for growth. But when she asked me to choose one position only, bam! EdTech or Internship Supervisor? Sa mga nakakakilala sa akin, alam nyo na ang pinili ko. :) Isang kisapmata lang ang kailangan para mag-decide. :D

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