The Vicente Cruz Boys and Girl

We don't really call ourselves that, I just coined it earlier today. Haha! But why Vicente Cruz? It started out when we were freshies. Anton, Toshi and I used to walk from UST to Vicente Cruz via Piy Margal. We needed to ride the Lardizabal jeep because it's the easiest way to reach Ramon Magsaysay Ave where we can find our rides back home. Back then, my apartment was still in V. Mapa (which was just a stone's throw away from SM City Sta. Mesa formerly Centerpoint); Anton lives in Pasig and Toshi in Paco. Sometimes, one of our classmates would join us (Gino Dones) but most of the time, it's just the three of us. It was always fun! They always tease me about my cadence (I walk really really fast that most of the time, they're always behind me by a couple of feet). Our most memorable Vicente Cruz experience would probably be the first flood we experienced back in July of 2002.

Earlier today, we had a mini-reunion at T.O.S.H. (The Old Spaghetti House). Sadly, Anton had to leave early for an errand. Nevertheless, we really had so much fun catching up. At some point, we were in serious mode talking about our profession and at some point, we were just mindlessly laughing at whatever we're talking about.

5 years ago. Pardon my look, mukha talaga akong adik dito. Subukan nyo pong mag-internship ng 12 months, tingnan lang natin kung di kayo magmukhang bangag. :p

I love these guys so much! They are the humblest gentlemen I've ever known in my entire life. Anton is like a big brother to me and a very trustworthy friend. Toshi always takes good care of me whenever I'm in character crisis. I wish the world would instantly fill up with guys like them. Thanks Anton and Tosh for a decade of true friendship! Thanks my soul brothers! Til we meet again!

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