Polite jeepney driver - not a myth!

On my way home from work a few weeks ago, I spotted a jeep with few passengers already in it. I sat on the passenger seat (the one beside the driver) and paid my usual fare. A few blocks from my destination, I noticed the driver reaching for a cigarette stick. He didn't light it instantly. At the back of my head, I kept on saying "sana wag muna nya sindihan, sana mamaya na pagbaba ko...". Then I saw him reached for his lighter. But he just played with it. He lit it on, then lit it off. At first I was hesitant but eventually I decided to ask him not to light his cigarette until I was out of his side. He politely answered "mamaya ko pa po ito sisindihan pag nakababa na ang lahat ng pasahero ko sa terminal...". That driver was unlike any ordinary jeepney driver. I wouldn't want to generalize, but from what I've seen before, whenever other passengers would ask drivers not to smoke, they don't give a damn at all and they would even give a condescending remark "kung ayaw mong mausukan, sana nagtaxi ka na lang!!!". Capital R-U-D-E, right? I'm just glad that not all of them are like that.

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