Humble Bundle 6

Are you an avid gamer? Do you have a heart for charity? Then here's a treat for you: the Humble Bundle 6. The Humble Bundle 6 is a combo of TEN earth-shattering games that you may play on whichever operating system you have, be it Linux, Mac or Windows (see system requirements here). With a bonus of 9 breathtaking soundtracks, this bundle costs over $135. BUT WAIT, that's is the actual cost, NOT what you are about to pay. THE DEVELOPERS LET YOU SET THE PRICE. There's more! Read on!

When you choose how much you pay for this whole bundle, you also get to decide how you divide your purchase. You assign how much money goes to the developers and how much for the charity. You may even choose to give it all to the developers or everything to charity. Look here:

Remember that this bundle ACTUALLY costs over $135. Now, let's see how much they've raised so far and how much gamers pay for this. The average purchase is $6.30. Ow look, Linux users average the highest among all platform users. Yey Linux (biased, haha)! And look at the top contributor who paid $1,200! Cool right?!

I purchased the bundle as a gift for a friend who is celebrating his birthday this October. YOU HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER 3, 7:00 PM TO BUY THESE GAMES AND DONATE!

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