EdTech Dept Planning in Laguna

Today has been one of the funnest days of my semestral break. The Ed Tech Department went to Twin Resort, Pansol, Calamba Laguna for our mid-year planning. Thank you so much to my Ed Tech family for a very entertaining (yes, entertaining even during the plenary session, haha!) day. Thank you so much to the section heads who made this event possible. Thank you to Ms. Becc and the gentlemen of our department for prepping everything, from groceries shopping to cooking everything. We felt so pampered with everything you did for us. Special thanks to Sir Cocoy, Sir Leo and Mam Doray for letting me hitch a ride to and from Laguna. Last but definitely not least, thank you to our supervisor Mam Cherylle. Quoting Dennis A. Peer, "One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you."

Sadly, I didn't stay the night because I have to attend a ceremony tomorrow. Here are some of our photos in the resort. (Click on images to enlarge)


The Innovative Learning and Technology (ILT) Section
together with the EdTech Supervisor, Mam Cherylle Ramos

Section Heads and Members of Tech and Infra Section, Broadcasting and Office Management

At the attic for ILT's brainstorming (KRAs, KPIs, etc...) O_O

Looking forward to our next planning (team building perhaps?) event. See you all soon!

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