The Harvest

This was the best part of my September:

Here, I was helping my little brother put bait on the hook. This is our improvised fishing rod: kawayan (bamboo stick) and tansi (nylon).

This kinda made me nostalgic about our trip to Dubai in 2009-2010. My brother-in-law loves fishing and he has that set of fishing paraphernalia for the pro talaga! He even bought my sister a pink (oh yes, PINK!) fishing rod! Our rod may not be anything like what we used when we did fishing in Dubai, but... certainly did the trick! I was able to catch my very own tilapia! Poor creature. :/

Here again is my little bro

Can you spot the biking Rian?

I LOVE BIKING! The rough road is somewhat my life metaphor. Being a driver and a passenger at the same time makes life more thrilling to ride!

This was taken during the morning of the harvest. That is my Kuya's back. In just one "gayad" (one throw of fish net), they were able to catch 171 kilograms of tilapia. They did more "gayads" that same week but I wasn't there to witness it as I have a thing to do in Manila called job! :)

My precious gift to Mario and Luigi.

One of the highlights of this trip was meeting my niece/goddaughter Paula for the first time. See you soon my dear!

Watch this feeding frenzy video especially these parts: 0:35, 0:48, 0:57, 1:07.

This catch was for the earliest buyer that day.

'Til next!

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