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Unilab Active Health: Duathlon 090912

UST College of Rehabilitation Sciences, Physical Therapy Department has been in partnership with Unilab Active Health as their official PT for their events for a couple of months now. I was able to be part of the team during The Bull Runner's Dream Marathon last March and the Tri-United last April. I missed some of their events like the Run United 2 and another Tr-United in Laiya but last Sunday, I was finally able to join the team once again. For half a day, my colleagues and I stood along SCTEX (Clark South exit to be specific) for Unilab Active Health's Duathlon event. Yes, we were at the middle of SCTEX! Here I am holding a balloon to cheer for the first finisher of the sprint category (3km run-20 km bike-2km run). The other event was the long distance category where the participants did 6km run-60 km bike-4km run.

Took these photos during a little stroll while waiting for the participants to finish. It's nice to see the expressway in a different light.

Now you see their bikes... you don't... bikeless racks...

Out of 600+ duathlon participants, 113 availed of our stretching and cryotherapy services. Of course, as one would expect, some of them asked if we do massage. Don't worry, they were very few, I could count them with one hand. It helps that the host reiterated that we ONLY do stretching and cryotherapy, unlike what happened during The Bull Runner's Dream Marathon where it was deliberately mentioned to the finishers: "Go to the physical therapy area and get your massage!".

Where we stayed

View from our room
Shame that I didn't get to try their pool as we were pressed for time to check-out right after the event. But it's okay, the bed nor the shower I had before leaving didn't disappoint at all.

View from our window while lying down

Thanks Holiday Inn Clark. Thanks Unilab Active Health. And super thanks (yes, super, with matching cape) to our team. It was all worth the D.O.M.S.! Til our next Unilab event!

Clockwise: Mark, Kiel, Aidz, moi, X, JN, Heidi, Jordan, Fifi, Ian, Rox, Paolo

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