How I Work at Home

Whether I'm editing websites, typing my quizzes or creating my lecture presentations, I always work with the TV on. So if you see me checking-in to numerous TV shows at, that means I'm half-glued to the TV and half-glued to my laptop.  Add to that the nonstop tweeting and texting on the side. It doesn't really matter if I get to watch every scene of the show, what's important is I hear everything. With that, I can fully understand the plot and basically everything that transpired in the story.Scientists prove that women are better at multitasking than men. I am a woman. Ergo, I believe that I'm a good multitasker.

Recently, I've inherited an old CPU from a friend who already left the country. She said that if I get to backup all her files from the CPU, I can do whatever I want with it (hint: purge Microsoft and put LI-wait-for-it-NUX!). Heehee. I hooked up the CPU to my TV and turned on the PIP connection so now, I'm able to work with the computer monitor and cable TV (upper right) projected in one LCD.

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