Haburdey Bunso!

Dear Bunso,

First of all, I miss you so much. It's been two years since the last time we lived together here in Manila. Believe it or not, I really miss having you around despite the rough times we've had before. But I'm happy for you no matter what. I could only wish for your happiness in life and good health. A good career will come in the future once you're done with your studies so be excellent at all times. I envy you so much for taking a course in the field of computers. You know we both love that so much. Please realize your dreams for both you and me. Also, the future awaits a steady love-life, an area that the three of us (Kuya, you and I) have been quite unfortunate with at kung saan napakaswerte ni Big Sis. Hehe.

I see you in some of my students especially since you are in their age group. But I have a student who looks and acts just like you, 80%! Whenever I see him, I remember you. I tell myself, "Sana di ko sya makuha sa practical exams, kasi baka ibagsak ko sya..." Hihihi. Kidding! Baka kasi mabigyan ko sya ng perfect score dahil kamukha sya ng little bro ko. :)

Take care of Ma, Pa, and of course si Kuya, "ang matandang walang tinandaan" (joke lang Kuya! peace _\/,,). It doesn't mean na kung bunso ka ay ikaw lang ang inaalagaan. You're officially an adult now. Life there in our hometown is no doubt much better than living here in the big city. If only may UST-Mindoro, I'd very much like to stay there with all of you. But I do hope that your 3.5 years of stay here in Manila taught you something. Independence, accountability and discipline. Be strong. Ate will always be here NO MATTER WHAT. Ate loves you so much. Happy birthday!

Ate Ganda (chos!)


linda gabor said...

ay naiyak nman ako dito sa msg mo...well said....very inspiring...

Rian G. said...

Ma, saan ka naiyak, dun sa "Ate Ganda?". Hehehe.