Android: MessagEase Keyboard

This is my phone's keyboard layout. Notice something different? Yep, it's not in QWERTY nor in pad phone layout. I've been using MessagEase Keyboard for 5 months now. For me, it is the best keyboard app I've ever used since I started using smartphones. I kinda miss having a physical keyboard for my phone though (in short, I miss my Blackberry, hihi). I thought I'd never like using touch screen phones. I used to make SPLEING errors when typing using qwerty layout in touch (READ: big thumb!). I hate having to erase and re-type the word. It defeats the purpose of being able to type fast. It took me twice as much to get the hang of qwerty typing in touch phone vs qwerty typing in BB. Last April, I decided to download this highly-recommended app by my friend Eilu, the MessaEase keyboard. I kinda had a hard time using it at first. I mean come on, look at the keyboard! At first you wouldn't have any idea how it works, why are there big letters in the middle of each box, why are they surrounded with smaller letters? The moment I read their app description, all my questions were instantly answered and I got so amazed that I even downloaded the MessagEase game. The developers of the MessagEase keyboard were so kind that they even created an app that can enhance the users utilization of the app. The game really trained me how to type fast using MessagEase. Now, I don't get spelling problems anymore. My "i" and "o" don't get mixed up anymore. And the most amazing part of it is I can send texts/emails using one hand only! Yep yep! One-hand typing is something I suck at in qwertys. Lastly, it is highly-customizable. So you can have letters in yummy pink color floating on a sky blue background. Up to you! If you want to know more about MessagEase keyboard, click here.

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