Rian loves Nolan

I seldom do a movie post but Christopher Nolan's (and Jonathan Nolan's) works are just truly exceptional. I have been in love with their work since I saw The Following and Memento. Let's add to the list The Prestige, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception. Every movie is full of mind-blowing awesomeness!
Memento, Inception, Following, The Prestige
Two weeks ago, I got see The Dark Knight Rises and I was just as surprised as anyone. Would you believe that to date, I haven't heard of a single negative review about it?! It is either the movie is almost perfect or I just filtered out the 'negas' from all the reviews I've heard and read (it's actually the former). These are some of the things I loved about the Dark Knight Rises:

  • the Miranda Tate -- Thalia Al Ghul twist (just like the Ra's Al Ghul -- Henri Ducard twist in Batman Begins!)
  • mixing the three Robins (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake) to create the character of Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Michael Caine is a very effective actor! I cried when he cried, deim!
  • He didn't used the name "Catwoman" for Anne Hathaway's complex character.
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises
I love how he "twisted the twists" of each part of the trilogy. Hindi nababoy ang comics! Kudos to all movie directors and screenplay writers who put so much effort into NOT murdering the story they make, no less the stories they adapt from books or TV series (*coughs: trash M. Night Shyamalan!!!*)

As always, I'm looking forward to the next Nolan movie!


Paengster said...

The Nolan brothers are from another planet!!! hehehe. Alam mo ba na dapat si Anthony Hopkins ang gaganap as Alfred Pennyworth.....kaso lang he declined the role!!! shet sayang. OK lang magaling naman si Caine, i like the accent!!! hehe

Paengster said...


Rian said...

I am inclined to believe that they are from another planet! Haha.

Either Caine or Hopkins, pareho silang perfect for the role. Well, assumption ko lang yung kay Hopkins of course, since I didn't see him naman play Alfred. But knowing him, given na yun.