Reading vs. Watching

Ugh! Nowadays, 'iWatch' more than 'iRead' (sana di ako makasuhan ng Apple for using the letter 'i'!). But I am trying hard to tone my "couch potato-ness" down. I need to up my reading game and it's kinda sad that my Kindle has been sedentary for months now. I recharged it two weeks ago so I could go back to reading. Grabe, meron pa akong 100++ purchased e-books na ndi ko pa nababasa since last year! Must read, read, read! I know this is going to be hard since reading requires a lot of time and comprehension. It's not like sitcoms & movies wherein you just sit in front of the tube (obsolete!) while munching on some arse-fattening chips or whatever (obese!).

I have a feeling that this "pagbabalik-loob" to books will be short-lived. Why? It's almost September, and as of my last count, 15 of my regular shows are coming back from their 5-6 month long hiatus. Good luck to me!

Don't Trust the B*, Girls,
Arrested Development

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I forgot to document 'Don't Trust the B* in Apartment 23' after watching it during the week of habagat. I agree with my friend slash ex-roomie slash neighbor Iris' comment: "It was surprisingly funny!". I love the fictionalized version of James Van Der Beek and I admire his patience with Chloe (played by Krysten Ritter). As always, in every show, there is that one OC character and that's none other than June (played by Dreama Walker).

I just got started with Girls (an HBO original series) and Arrested Development (something that has been given to me by Sir Arthur months ago). My golay, I really need to find a way out of this TV series conundrum or else my comprehension & imaginative thinking (cultivated through reading) will get rusty and eventually expire.

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