¨Monsoon Break¨

I had a week long 'break' due to class suspension necessitated by the devastating monsoon rains (a.k.a. nameless storm, "Monsoon del Rosario", "Tina Monsoon-Palma"). As we all know, UST is a certified Bahana Republic and with just a heavy downpour for an hour or so, it will definitely have puddles and tiny swimming pools all over its ground. But this monsoon didn't rain on us for hours only. It caused a massive deluge all over the Metro for almost 5 days. Can you imagine kung gaano lumubog ang UST these past few days? Paul Quiambao's photos on the article SEEING BEAUTY IN CHAOS will give you an idea on how UST looked like!

So what did I do the entire week aside from quizzes and flash presentations for my lecture? Here:

I did this to my wall, with the help of zee bezfriend. I wanted to look at something new inside my home so yes, I placed this wall art decal on the wall of my living area (I can't say room because my place is just one big room divided into different areas). I actually enjoyed doing this. I'm planning to add more wall decals in the future, probably in text form. :) The materials are ready, I just have to find the right time to do it.

You might have noticed by now that I've tweaked my sidebar once again. I realized that my old sidebar has no striking identification of me so I decided to place a caricature me with the links. It was made by G-two in 2010 and was sent to me through a package containing a DSLR bag. I kept this pinned on my office cubicle since then and just took it down last week so I could scan it and put it here. I am lucky to be blessed with artist friends (G-two and Toshi). They gift me with artworks depicting caricature versions of me. I collect them all (from first year college). That collection gives me the luxury to tweak the appearance of my blog anytime I want. Isn't that nice?!

Flood water didn't get in my apartment. It just stayed outside the gate, along the street and I am very thankful for that. But when I ran out of food stock, I just had to go to the nearest grocery store to hoard este buy stuff. That was Tuesday and the water was still high (because the rain just wouldn't stop! trip lang nya!). I'm glad I own a trusty pair of rubber boots. No to leptospirosis please!

Of course, would I miss any Olympic event televised by AKTV, Solar Sports or Aksyon TV? The answer is YES! Hehe. Syempre naman noh, natutulog din ako. Pero I sleep late kasi I watch the live telecast talaga. You know naman ang time zone difference natin sa Lan-dan (pasosyal na London) ay hindi sleep-friendly. Nevertheless, I'm happy. I may not look like it but I'm a sport junkie. I could stay all day in front of the TV just watching any sporting event, my most favorite of which is something that happens every four years only (not the winter Olympics ha!). || Picture from here
There is no level of boredom a foosball match can't cure. That's why I was so happy when a friend of mine dropped by at my apartment to check on me. My foosball table hoards a lot of dust during days when I don't have visitors. Now, I'm really tempted to hold a foosball tournament! But afraid no one is interested. Hehe. If only I could have me a set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. friends, that'd be foosball-awesome!
Last Friday, when it was all sunny and dry outside, I went out and did all pending errands I had: center visit, bills, market, etc. Then I dropped by UST in the afternoon. At the Dean's Office, all our accreditation files were flood-soaked, including the clerk's PC, the college secretary's personal files, office furniture and many more. They used the classroom chairs to lay down and dry up important documents. I even saw the one and only copy of the old batches' course syllabus. It's 4 inches thick and it's wet through and through. Click on the photo to enlarge. I swear everything's panget tingnan!
I contributed manpower to the college's activity in collaboration with the Psychotrauma Department of the UST Graduate School. With the help of my landlady, I was able to prepare adobo and cooked rice for the flood victims in Bulacan. Other faculty members cooked their share and we were able to create 500 meals, which was wiped out by the people in about 5 minutes. I could only imagine their hunger.

After that, I thought of my students and wondered what they were doing on their 6th day of no classes. Other than studying, I hope they're lending a helping hand to the flood victims as well.

So, other than your usual work, what kept you busy this whole week?


Joice said...

Sali ako sa foosball tournament!!! Lakas ko lang kahit I haven't played foosball before mwahaha.

ederlinda a. gabor said...

ok yong artistic work mo sa iyong wall..nice...dagdagan mo pa...bili din ako bota kelangan ko sa fishpond pag umuulan madulas at maputik dun...sobra dami nabasa nio mga files....habang pinapanood ko ang mga baha sa lahat ng panig ng pilipinas ay nag pflashback sa akin nung tau rin ay binaha dito sa calapan at tunay na nakakaiyak at nakaka nierbios ang mga pangyayari...sana nman di na maulit yon with GOD's intervention...keep on helping the victims...bahala na si LORD sa inyo...GOD BLESS U ALL....

rianess said...

Thanks Ma!

aizzing rafa said...

saw your brand new lay-out just now. i love it! when will you give me a home tour? super nice ng art decal mo. i wanted to put some of those sa wall ko since bawal ako mag-paint kaso super mahal naman dito. :(

rianess said...

weee. thanks! di ko pa magawa ung blog entry ko about my apartment kasi wala akong matinong camera. hehe. haynaku, baka nga dko na un magawa kasi by the time may camera na ulit ako, luma na ung wall paint ko and stuff. hihi. arte much.

naku, kung may pupunta lang ng Dubai anytime soon, papadalhan kita ng rolls. kaso dko alam kung magugustuhan mo ung pipiliin ko. basta pag-uwi mo next month, pasyal ka Ace hardware. andami dun! meron ung plane roll lang kung gusto mong ikaw mismo ang magdedesign at meron din ung ready-made na ididikit na lang. :)

aizzing said...

why? what happened to your kick-ass camera? sa ace hardware din dito ako nakakita before kaso yung stocks nila usually kids room decors saka like i said, ANG MAHAL! :(

Rian G. said...

Hay nako. Nanakaw ung DSLR ko last March. Together with my laptop. Mas salisi gang na nakapasok sa building ng apartment ko. Ayun. Hanggang ngayon di pa rin ako nakakabili ng bago. Still ipon ipon. :)