Galettes, Waffles and Fairy Stories

Clockwise: Galette Paysanne, Melon Slush, Galette Breton, UCC's Strawberry Waffles
In my dictionary, comfort food is synonymous to Café Breton. I met up with The Bestfriend for some good ol' dinnertime, just like when he was still working at Times Plaza kung saan isang tumbling lang ang Rob Ermita. While waiting for him, I enjoyed re-reading some chapters of Grimm's Fairy Stories while sipping on my melon slush. Thank you Lord for times like these. I really really appreciate it to the nth level. This kind of 'pause' refuels me to go on with my work life. It's also this kind of moment that makes me look forward to future 'pause' times. Simple food, great company, good book. Thank you.


aizzing said...

Simple food, great company, good book." THE LIFE!
Just consistent scoops of these three are enough to keep my sanity intact. :)

Rian G. said...

High five @263d870b411a272bd1ece9542d23092a:disqus!!!