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When I made this blog in 2008 to serve as the mirror site of my original blog site, I received tons of comments form spammers all over the world. I never made this site known to other people (even to my friends) because it just served as a backup. But thanks to web crawlers, spammers saw my vulnerable comment section. So I decided to up the security for commenting. I wanted to make sure that only relatives, friends, students can comment on my posts, people whom I know personally, like you (yes, you!). However, not everyone I know owns a Blogger account so I decided to install DISQUS. This will allow people to comment on my posts using FB, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail Twitter, Google or Disqus account (I have yet to add the twitter platform). I'm very aware that my blog has not that much traffic not like other Disqus users. But I just wanted to at least make it available so visitors know they have options. :)

Addendum: MY MOM WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO USE THIS NEW FEATURE OF MY BLOG. A couple of minutes ago, she commented on my post "Monsoon Break". I therefore conclude that installing this feature is SO WORTH IT! Hello Mama!!!

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