Colorful Sunday afternoon

This afternoon, I had a short playtime with my lovely kids from upstairs. I had a very tiring week at work that I didn't get the chance to visit Chloe and Andrei the entire week. So spending an afternoon with them was like a breath of fresh air. I gave them their first set of crayons and taught them which is red, green, blue, yellow, etc. They're both 2 y/o.

We did the activity at the garage so if ever they get all A.D.D.'d up, they won't be able to write on the wall of their house (lagot kay Lola if ever!). Andrei was very participative but tried taking all the crayons leaving Chloe without even a piece. Hehe. Chloe, on the other hand, took quite some time to settle in with the activity. She was just looking at the crayons for a good 10 minutes before she did the coloring. After the activity, they showed me their work and they were pretty much colorful lines all over the paper.

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