The Pond

If you're following me on twitter, you probably came across one of my tweets where I said this:
"When I go home to Mindoro this weekend, who wants to come with me? I can only bring one person with me. Chill na trip lang. Nothing fancy.:)"

No one tweeted back which means no one was interested. Anyway, I still went to my hometown. I badly needed to escape the city especially after the uber-tiring exams week so I spent the weekend at Naujan (pronounced as naw-han), Oriental Mindoro where our farm is, and where my god-grandpa's fish ponds are. Naujan is not my hometown, Calapan City is. But that doesn't mean I love Naujan any less than I love being in Calapan. Let me explain through these photos (which were all taken using my smartphone):
The first of three ponds. This is 300 meters long and i-don't-know meters wide.
Muni-muni-ing by the hammock, probably the comfiest place on earth.
From left to right, my little brother, me and my big brother.
We're talking about how they usually feed the fish. My little brother started throwing the feeds at my left.
Of course I got to try the FEEDING FRENZY as well! (Boy I miss that game!)
A type of gumamela not everyone is familiar with.
Atop the guard house. I was kind of short of breath after climbing the pole.
He's my big brother. I was sort of trying to take an emo shot of him. Hehe.
The lone coconut tree on this side of the farm.
Parang millenium mango na parang hindi.
The four rooms for guests.
The view of the master's bedroom (and part of the dining hall).
Until the next weekend getaway!

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