Missing the Land of the Rising Sun

Boy I miss Tokyo! I miss Japan even though I have been to Tokyo and Chiba only. I want to go back oh so badly! But first I need to unearth a hidden treasure or win the lottery (kung saan di ako tumataya) to fund my trip (ang mahaaaal!). My friends Koji and Makiko have been making kulit for us (Jaeger and I) to come back to Japan soon. We met them in Chiba where we presented our undergraduate thesis during the 10th Asian Confederation for Physical Therapy in 2008. To satisfy my missing the land of the rising sun, I browsed my old photos and decided to share with you some of them in the hopes that someday I get to go back there, together with anyone of you, in case you'd love to visit it too. :)

At Meiji Shrine. It is located within a forest in Shibuya
I love record stores and this is one huge-arse record store. So I love love it!
The Yoyogi Station. I like how it sounds. Feels like this station is owned by Yogi Bear.
Feeling Andy Warhol-ish. We took this right before we finished our tour inside an animal theme park.
Another train station. We rode the Oedo Line and headed to Makuhari Messe in Chiba.
Goofing around like a kid. This is a window right beside an escalator, inside Makuhari Messe.
Bagong gising or what?
Dear Philippine Gov't, I wish we could also use bike as our primary mode of transpo. Bicycle lanes please!
Roppongi Hills in Minato where Mori Tower is located.
We had a nice night at Mori Tower looking, appreciating art and the skyline of Tokyo.
There's Tokyo Tower, right smack in the middle of the skyline.
My first visit at the happiest place on earth, Tokyo Disney Resort. Nauna pa than our very own Enchanted Kingdom!
The oh so elegant howtell!
I found a not-so-hidden Mickey and he is soo green!
Welcome to my castle everyone!
Here we're posing as guards of my "own" castle.
Just resting a bit after a long walk in one of the four worlds.
They don't have this in Hong Kong Disneyland. Sad.
It was 25 years old back then, and I was 22.
Welcome to Akihabara, the animé haven for all otakus out there!
I immediately thought of Sasuke (from Naruto). Sounds like his Chidori. Hihihi.
Bumabaha ng manga...
and magic cards!
Standing beside a tarp with a cute little maid on it.
I tried zee authentic TAKOYAKI! Back then, di pa uso sa Pinas ang Takoyaki.
Where I bought my first and last pair of Crocs. 
May deltoids pa ako sa mga panahon na ito. Saka konting biceps. Ngayon, flabs na lang.
Bought this for a friend who's so in love with the band (and their music of course).
The promo poster of The Diamond Dust Rebellion (at one of their subway lines). 
Wala lang. Chill lang.
Can you name a movie where you've seen this busy street in Shinjuku? [Tokyo Drift]
At the busiest street in Shinjuku. We tried crossing the street with the HEAVY crowd. Last stop of that night.
I'm hoping that someday I could go back to this wonderful part of Asia. I'd probe other prefectures and parts of Japan like Kyoto (to see the geisha(s)), Okinawa and many more. Should you be going there some time in the near future, please pakihalik ako sa lupa ng Japan! :D

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