Android: Evernote Food

I love taking pictures of all the food I eat, fancy or not. I just love documenting my gastronomic 'likes'. People keep asking me, what good do I gain from it. They don't get the whole take-a-shot-of-your-meal-before-grinding-it scheme. I say, "walang basagan ng trip!!!". Kidding! I just politely explain to them that I've had the habit ever since I received my first camera. And to be honest, I can't see myself stopping the habit, at least not in the near future. I love the colors of food. (Actually, I love colors, period.) I like reviewing my albums and seeing all those beautifully-crafted and neatly-prepped dishes. In days that I'm not too lazy to share, I pick some and upload online (some are here on my blog, some are on my multiply account, some on facebook and very few on twitter & instagram). When I read online that Evernote Food is now available on Google Play, I had no second thoughts of getting it. And now I'm quite excited to fill it up with lots of colorful photos of food but I have yet to discover all of its other features. I hope I'll enjoy using it as much as I loved using the Evernote.

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