A shout-out to my 3PT students!

Two weeks ago, while doing a lab session in electrotherapy 1, one of my guy students told me, "Mam, finofollow ko po ung blog nyo". His classmate told me "Mam, kanina pa nya gustong sabihin yan sayo." Haha. They're so funny (if you were there of course, to see their facial expressions). Some of the girls then told me that they're following my blog as well. So I asked them how they found it and each of them has his/her own answer but the only thing I heard was "stalker" followed by laughter. Then I asked them what's the reason why they follow my blog and they said: "Baka po kasi doon nyo kunin yung bonus question sa mga quizzes namin." Hahaha! So I suggested "Bakit di nyo ako i-follow sa twitter para ganitong klaseng tanong ang makukuha nyo sa bonus items ko: 'Ano ang breakfast ko kaninang umaga? or 'Ano ang pinapanood ko kagabi?'" Yes, this conversation happened inside the classroom during a laboratory session. Nalugi sila sa akin for that couple of minutes. Hindi na nila mababawi yun. Hehe. Anyhow, we were able to finish our lab activity naman.

Students are fun to talk to especially if it's not anything about our profession and if they are able to maintain (or MEYNTEYN according to @superstarmarian) that boundary and respect between a student and a teacher. See you around guys and gals! Aral mabuti.

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