Summer 2012: Synopsis

Enchanted Kingdom with The DepartmentApril 30

Warm-up ride!
One of the main acts...
I'm back after exactly one year.
Missing Dubai...
Round and round we go...
The Dean
The Micki

Baguio City: Planning with the College AdminMay 7, 8 & 9

The Room
Sports Science, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology
(Department Chairs)
Late night work at Gloria Jean's of Hotel Supreme, Baguio
Bedside light...
View of my window at night
View of my window at daytime
Sundot-kulangot or pick-a-booger
Last supper before heading back to Manila
Cafe by the Ruins
The Department Chairwomen (PT-SLP-SpS-OT)
The Dean and The Mister
The new college secretary and the ETEACH
The authentic strawberry yogurt
Brainstorming about the strawberry
The bibingka
My chocolate drink

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