My Pet Peeves in Commuting

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Riding the jeep has been my primary mode of transportation since I went to college. Day in and day out, I face a lot of not-so-nice moments that have eventually evolved into pet peeves. Here are some of them:

  • People who don't want to hand your payment to the jeepney driver just because! They have fully-functional hands, why not use them?! I think they should just ride a cab.
  • People who say "Manong, sandali lang, bababa ako!" just right after the red traffic light went green. Come on people, what's wrong with you?! The red light was on for like more than 30 seconds and you just decided to get off after it turned green. Read: isa kang malaking abala!
  • This one is kinda related to the previous one: people who ask the jeepney driver to stop on a green light in a big intersection just because they don't want to cross back after the jeepney clears the intersection. This is not only abala for the jeep but is also abala for everybody else in traffic. If jeepney stops, all the cars behind it will have to stop and might not be able to cross once the green light turns red.
  • People who treat jeeps as door-to-door services. Now this one is not 100% their fault. It's our 'no-specific-public-utility-vehicle-stop' system that makes this worse. Scenario: Passenger 1 gets off at Corner A. Jeepney driver accelerates after P1 gets off. Passenger 2 yells "para po!" after 5 seconds, which is not even 1 corner away from the previous stop. Again, abala! And ang tamad tamad nyo!
  • Being in a jeep that's been waiting for n-minutes to be filled up with passengers. I really hate it when they accelerate just to trick you into thinking that you are going to leave already.
  • Forcing 14-people in a 12-seater jeep. If they really care about getting the extra 16 pesos, they'd do well to just frequent their routes rather than waiting and forcing 2 extra pairs of arses.
  • I'm sorry, but a lot of people will hate me for this one: I hate fat people trying to pass themselves as ONE passenger, paying only for one! You know your physique. Please don't be oblivious to the fact that if you're fat, you're occupying more space (both seat space and shoulder room. Gaaahd, the shoulders!!! PAWISAN PA!). Kung alam mong mataba ka, go ahead, take up two seats-worth. But please pay for it so the barker won't have to fit in another passenger just so they could make up for the lost Php 8.
  • People who mindlessly stare at others.
  • Jeepney drivers who are DEAF. When you shout "PARA, PARA!!!" at the top of your lungs (with matching second voice from your co-passengers), they just don't want to stop as if they're not hearing anything. But when you say, "Bayad po" even in whisper, they'd hear you right away.
  • Drivers who smoke. Now I couldn't stress this enough: "Manong Driver, kung umaandar ang jeep mo at nagyoyosi ka, sa tingin mo saan napupunta ang usok mo?!" (physics explanation: vector accelerating at an average of 10 kph plus inert non-accelerating air equals 10 seconds of facetime of usok per pasahero!) Side note: mga effing pasahero na sumasakay sa gitna ng jeep dala ang kanilang yosi. Ano ito, smoking cabin?! Este mobile smoking cabin, gumagalaw nga pala ang jeep!
  • Babies sa jeep. I don't hate the babies per se. Their parents should think!
  • Of course, the robbers and snatchers. Need I say more?!
On the other hand, here are some of the things that I am guilty of whenever I'm riding the jeep:
  • I sometimes don't notice the people who are handing me the money. In my mind I'd say, "Sorry po, lutang!"
  • I sometimes talk too loud whenever I'm with my friends. Feeling ko inarkila ko ung jeep para sa amin lamang.
  • I sometimes stare (mostly sa sapatos lang naman, hehe).

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