I'm a B traveler!

My Lakbayan grade is B!

I love my country and I'm so thankful that my parents give a big deal when it comes to traveling and reaching places. We may not be like other families na ginagawang Quiapo-QC and USA-Manila pero I'm really glad that we've got enough resources to explore our own country.

Every summer, my parents would plan to go to (as much as possible) a new destination. And I am happy with everything that we do in whatever place we are in. It's so fulfilling to see so much of your own country. It is not that easy though, because obviously our islands are a bit scattered. But it's doable! Would you believe that I reached the southern parts of Mindanao not by plane but by driving through nautical roads and getting on-off some ROROs? Oh yeah! But my first visit in Saranggani was via Negros Navigation to Gen San then bus to Saranggani.

Another proof that my parents really want to immerse us in the custom of traveling is my college graduation gift (which is also my little brother's highschool graduation gift): Vizayas-Mindanao tour! Click here to see highlights of that 2007 trip!

I know I still have a lot of provinces to go to (marked white in the Philippine map above) but I'm glad that at age 26, I was able to cover a lot already. This inspires me to even work harder so I could cover our Philippine map with blue all over. In the Lakbayan survey, you'll be asked if on a certain place you're "just passing through", "been here once to a few times", "I often go here", "I live / have lived here" or "never set foot here".

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