The Face Behind the Evangelion Unit 00

Here's a post about my most favorite person in the world, my uber talented* friend Toshi. Now you might think "how could he possibly be Rian's favorite when she doesn't even talk about him on her blog?". This guy is a very private person and I am pretty sure that if he finds out about this post, he'll probably kill me (?!) or F.O. Haha, kidding! Anyway, if you love animé or if you're into cosplaying, you'll definitely like what you´ll see below. He made this from scratch. Enjoy!

*This guy can definitely pass as a ¨one-man band¨: he sings, plays the guitar & keyboard. I´m pretty sure that if I give him a drum set, he'll be able to wing it! He´s an awesome artist (if you need proof, proceed to his DA account and see for yourself).

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