Nat Geo Run 2012

I've started running since 2007 during my internship days at UST-Apolinario Mabini Rehabilitation Center. I managed to squeeze in a short run right after my duty hours. Swimming is my first true love but due to the hard-to-find-a-regular-venue sitch, I decided to try out running. It felt like it was my concubine. My relationship with running was very rocky, always in that on-off cycle. I can't say that I really liked it. Who can blame me? I'm just not that into weight-bearing sporting activities. :)
Anyhow, I'm still trying my best to commit to running. I run each time I get the chance but only inside the campus. I wish UST has a quadrangle as big as the Acad oval of UP Diliman (my most favorite running place ever!).
Two Sundays ago, I joined my first official race: the National Geographic Channel Earth Day Run 2012 5K category. Here's my race packet...
 ...and my running buddies.
The Peraltas [Sir Mike and Mam Che]
The Carrido Sisters [Joy and Joice]
The whole gang before the race 
(L-R, T-B: Ian, Loui, S'Mike, M'Che, Joice, Abi, X & moi)

Minutes before the race, an unfortunate event happened. I lost my race bib and time chip. Galeng noh. I'm sure I had it with me when I left my apartment. I must have lost it when I got off the cab. I tried to retrieve another set from the organizers but they don't have a contingency plan for that and I'm not the only one who had the same problem that morning. I'm pretty sure the Run Rio organizers or the The Bull Runner have plan Bs in case such incident arises. Mind you, the race fee for this event is not that cheap given that they only provided a race shirt (no finisher's kit whatsoever). I heard a lot of people complaining about that after the event.
Anyway, I still decided to run and just time myself using my trusty Cardio Trainer app:
After the gun start, it took us a good 3 minutes or so before we could run. There was just too many people lined up for the race. When I reached the finish line, there's a 3-4 minute time difference between my timer and the LED timer. And yes, I even bothered to take a shot of the finish line as I approach it. Documentation much! Hehe!
Post-race photos:
'Til our next race event! Byers!!!

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