Glass Art

I have always had the interest for any fancy stuff that's made of glass (vases, chandelier, decors, etc.). It even got more interesting when I met my good friend Emily who is a glass artist herself. When she first talked about it, I knew right there and then that within the next few days, weeks, months and now, years, I have something interesting to search on the werld weyd web (sorry about that, I just couldn't resist playing with any of the phrases in my entry). Going back, one of my favorites is the work of Dale Chihuly, a world-renowned glass artist. He's known for his glassblown pieces. Some of his large scale pieces are found inside the lobbies of luxurious hotels like the Bellagio and MGM Macau.

When I went to Dubai in 2009, my sister brought us to Atlantis, The Palm Dubai. It was so amazing inside, everything looked so expensive (of course, jaw-dropped ang Mangyan --> me)!!! But what I "fancy'd" the most was the huge glass piece right at the center of the lobby. I took lots of photos of it and here's one of them:
I didn't know it was Chihuly's until I showed the picture to Emily 10 months after the trip. Wahaha! I'm such a loser. I didn't even recognize his work right when I was in front of it!

Here's another hotel lobby (I forgot) in Taipa, Macau. I don't know who did this piece but I liked it as well. I was not able to drop by Chihuly's Gallery as there was not enough time for me and my family to go around. I guess I'll have to revisit Macau for the third time just to complete the bucket list. Pag umulan ng pera mamaya, bukas na bukas din andun na ako. Kidding!
I´m going to share with you some of Emily's kiln-formed glass pieces hopefully within next week. For now, I'm gonna leave you with this short video about glass blowing. Enjoy!

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